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Throughout the series finn grew from a little boy seeking action and violence to a peaceful young man. But like the goodbyes of childhood graduation moving away the end of adventure time feels both poignant and right the kind of ending that s necessary to make new beginnings possible.

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On september 29 2016 cartoon network officially announced that adventure time would end.

End of adventure time. Adventure time s finale was called come along with me and was set 1 000 years after the events of the series in a future that sees bmo played by niki yang now the king after the great gum war. The ambiguous ending to adventure time explained finn. While jake appeared to be just as happy relaxing as finn we see his children reopen the detective studio and his.

Voice recording for the initial series ended on january 31 2017. Courtesy of cartoon network after nearly 280 adventures in the land of ooo adventure time s finn and jake completed their final quest on monday in an hourlong event that honored the cartoon. Who s cutting onions in here.

Adventure time has a long way to go but in many ways it already ended. In early february 2017 just a few months after cartoon network notified the team behind its most surprising breakout. This is the time adventure song that saved ooo time adventure song lyricstime is an illusion that helps things make senseso.

Storyline writing for the initial series ended in mid november 2016 and the show s final script was pitched to storyboarders on november 28.

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